Dear families,

The moment we are going through, with the closing of schools across the country as a measure to contain the pandemic caused by Covid-19, is significant, bringing as a decision measures that we had never taken before.

The Team Lupe Picasso, decided only for the physical closure with an alternative of virtual classes and online tasks, we do not think it prudent at this moment to anticipate the period of school holidays planned for the month of July. We would like to share that different decisions were taken in different regions in the country and the private network was given the freedom to make the choice, where each school individually, decides whether to anticipate the holidays.

We, at Lupe Picasso, would not fail to position ourselves in such a delicate moment. Thus, we suggest families to continue services digitally for the reasons explained below:

  • There is no reason to believe, at this point, that the blocking period will be limited to the 15 days of July vacation in some states or the 30 days of others. We must be prepared for longer periods of suspension from classes. Thus, compensation for vacation and recess periods will not be compatible;
  • We are considering that many of our parents are not on vacation, and in many cases they are working from their homes with remote access, so in this scenario, not offering school activities means to overburden parents even more with activities to be carried out with their children. all of them are in idle time, unable to leave home;
  • Students are suffering a lot in this blocking period, they are not having their routines, they are not in contact with the daily contact of friends, teachers and other members of the school who are extremely important in training and especially at times like this. Let us imagine that everything that was being constructed as teaching and continuity was abruptly interrupted in all aspects, leaving us with the possibility, even remotely, to show our students that we are together, even if separated;
  • Our teachers are striving to adapt to the new didactics and mainly to adapt to the changes in activities in their lives, after all we also had to reinvent ourselves to bring our students not only education, but hope for better days and a new way of social contact;
  • We understand that you are distressed with the way of learning at the moment, but we cannot ignore that the time that all this will end is still unknown to everyone, and if instead of 30 days this period extends for a long time the students will have a infinitely greater losses, and we will not be able to resume the specific routine of studies and daily commitments.
  • We will do everything we can to ensure that everyone meets the proposed objectives for each school year.
  • If, on the one hand, we think that the internet and especially whatsApp has been extremely cruel in spreading misleading and incongruous information, on the other hand it has brought us solutions to bring our students much more than true information, we are showing them that we cannot stop to keep our physical and mental health healthy.

In the face of everything we are experiencing, O Lupe Picasso + Pitágoras + School of Intelligence + Teachers have changed school activities from the physical walls to the virtual environment since March 23, 2020 and we are striving to ensure that no class is left unattended. to high school.

Congratulations to SOMOS, Pitágoras Network, School of Intelligence, Coordinators and Professors Lupe Picasso who has been supporting us to overcome this moment together with peace and wisdom.

Kind regards,
Luciene Picasso


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