Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Lupe Picasso School has been carrying out all the necessary measures since the beginning of the school year to avoid the risk of spreading and controlling the CORONAVIRUS (Covid19) according to the circular sent on 02/06/2020.

In compliance with the recommendations of the Superior Bodies and Decree 64.862, published on 3/13, we are organizing regular activities for the week from 3/16 to 3/20 and establishing a deadline for families to organize new routines from 3/23, when we will close the Unit and suspend face-to-face activities.

Our team will keep everyone informed and aware of any changes or new deliberations that normalize all school activities.

We inform that absences will not be counted during the entire removal process, for this reason if they consider it prudent they may choose to leave the child or adolescent at home.

We ask the guardians to observe the children's health status, avoiding sending them to school if they have any of these symptoms: fever; breathing difficulties and dry cough.

In the manifestation of any of these symptoms, it is recommended to immediately seek a medical evaluation at the nearest health service

The Lupe Picasso School will continue to actively monitor the CORONAVIRUS outbreak and we will keep everyone informed and aware of any developments.

Direction and Team Lupe Picasso




• Wash your hands frequently, especially before consuming food;
• Use disposable tissue for nasal hygiene, cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing;
• Avoid touching mucous membranes in the eyes, nose and mouth;
• Do not share objects for personal use, such as cutlery, plates, glasses or bottles;
• Keep the environments well ventilated;
• Avoid close contact with people who show signs or symptoms of the disease;
• Avoid crowding and closed places.


educação infantil

Nessa fase, incentivamos o gosto pelas descobertas para que a criança aprenda a conhecer, a fazer, a ser e a viver. Ela é estimulada a raciocinar, a construir relações e a socializar-se.


ensino fundamental

Estimulamos no aluno a prática da observação, a fim de que se tenha uma reflexão sobre a realidade numa visão social, histórica e cultural para construção de conhecimento...


ensino médio

Ambos os cursos técnicos de nível médio atendem as exigências legais de cada qualificação ou habilitação, promovendo a transição entre a escola e o mercado de trabalho.