Dear Families, students and guardians.

We hope everyone is well and healthy.

As we reported in Bulletin 006/2020, Lupe Picasso will anticipate the holidays starting on 05/04/2020 to 06/04/2020 and you will soon be receiving your new username and password for online platform with the Lupe Picasso Domain.

Our commitment to you is to promote and transmit Education to our students, so that this occurs we are daily striving to bring the transmission of classes, activities and content to your children through an online platform.

Due to the pandemic, we already had a big gap in studies and in the schedule foreseen in the 2020 Calendar, our Pedagogical Team and Teachers elaborated activities and contents already worked in these 40 days of online classes for you student who wants to deepen and continue the studies during this period Social Isolation / vacation.

Our goal is to offer one more alternative, aiming to help our students improve their school performance to meet the initial difficulties of accessing the platform, absence of some students who for reasons beyond our understanding have not carried out any activity so far, being left without any note, presence or concepts and some instabilities caused last week due to the migration to our domain Lupe Picasso.

For these reasons, they will be available from 05/04/2020 for all our students at our school (Infant, Elementary I, Elementary II and High School), sent in 4 weekly blocks, divided into Activity 1, Activity 2, Activity 3 and Activity 4, which can be carried out and delivered until 06/04/2020, and structured:

We alert students who have not done anything so far, also have no concept or grades to prove their student activity, a fact that may result in academic losses, as each class has been validated to compose the 800 hours / classes established by Provisional Measure 934 / 2020.

The performance of activities for students who regularly participated in online classes and other activities on the platform will be optional, but if they wish to improve their grades or improve their studies, they can organize a routine to continue, we will leave it as a criterion and individual understanding as to the execution and performance of all the activities that will be placed in the period of 04/05/2020 on the new platform with Lupe Picasso domain.

We understand that holidays bring us to rest and entertainment, but the current unpredictability does not allow us to leave, so let's take this time to study.

We want to clarify to all, that our decision is not guided by any external movements, or by isolated requests to interrupt our activities, even because what reaches us is very small in view of our number of students, so our anticipation is based for studies of the current scenario and guidelines of the Higher Bodies that regulate the Educational System in our country.

We were able to complete the first phase of the domain change for you to access the Pitágoras PDA Platform.

You will receive the letter / password for you to register your new user with the Lupe Picasso domain.

Access through our website:
Click on Lupe Online and make your new registration.

The moment is for us to think about the other with moe empathy, after all you chose Our School, because you entrust your greatest treasures in our hands and that our work together with that of your family members can transform your children's future.

Best regards,
Luciene Picasso and Team Lupe Picasso


educação infantil

Nessa fase, incentivamos o gosto pelas descobertas para que a criança aprenda a conhecer, a fazer, a ser e a viver. Ela é estimulada a raciocinar, a construir relações e a socializar-se.


ensino fundamental

Estimulamos no aluno a prática da observação, a fim de que se tenha uma reflexão sobre a realidade numa visão social, histórica e cultural para construção de conhecimento...


ensino médio

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