Dear families, students and collaborators,

We hope everyone is well, because at this moment, more than ever, our health and that of our loved ones, as well as the collective hope of overcoming as a society, are our greatest wealth!

This communiqué aims to share some thoughts, and we hope that they will be read by everyone, with the same empathy, attention, dedication and respect that we have with everyone.

The greatest joy that we at Lupe Picasso have is seeing our living environment, inhabited by children and adolescents, with its characteristics and particularities in a constant movement of joy, conversation, excitement, studies and messes. Without our students the school has no life, only empty spaces that remind us of the importance that each one has in our lives.

The subject of this communiqué is to clarify some important points regarding our decisions.

In March, we received the determination of the Government of São Paulo to close schools and other economic and cultural activities in our country, certainly something that had never been considered by us and by families.

With the determination of the State Council of Education Resolution No. 177/2020, published on 03/19/2020, which provided for the reorganization of the School Calendar.

On March 23, our school started working classes and activities through a digital platform with Online classes with different schedules from regular ones. Our School has been working with a platform for more than 3 years with elementary school students eventually and with high school students more often, but in kindergarten and elementary school I had not proposed this modality.

It was necessary to adapt the planning for this new phase, we know the difficulties that parents, students, teachers and managers face with everything new, after all, nobody could predict the unpredictable.

We are all suffering from this new scenario that we experience, as individuals, a mixture of feelings such as solidarity, empathy, love for the family, but also anxiety, sadness, anguish and fear. We are able to distinguish these feelings when we receive emails, and other communications from families. Some support and recognition for our dedication and commitment to adapting to the models of digital education, others making precious suggestions, even when accompanied by criticism regarding the proposal.

It is true that, together we are learning from Isolation, but we are attentive to all the Norms and Deliberations, thus, we are improving and adapting ourselves day by day to our new practices in the Digital modality. In addition, we strengthen the bond between teachers and students through conferences, Lives, video lessons, among other resources, trying to ensure social proximity, guaranteeing the preservation of life!

We held many meetings during this period between teachers, coordination and management to continually assess every detail of this new situation, invest in improving digital technology, as well as discussing future decisions, analyzing each demand very carefully, where most of them are aimed at anticipating of the holidays, most of which came at the request of the Parents of our little ones from Kindergarten and some from Elementary I, only two cases from Elementary II and none from High School.

We are aware that the COVID-19 Pandemic required adaptation in all segments, forced us to adapt our Homes in Home Office and share the same spaces and resources with our family members, and, in full time, find space to reconcile work., household chores and education of children from 2 to 10 years old who need attention and mediation to carry out their school activities.

There are many difficulties, we mention again that the anticipation of vacations in the first month would only be late for this moment, which has already been overcome by all of us, in addition, we Educators and specialists did not see that a long period without interruptions would be productive for our students and family members.

On April 23 we completed 1 month of Social Isolation, there is, as in any space of plurality, a divergence of opinions as to the ideal way to proceed in the coming weeks, Lupe Picasso will anticipate the holidays starting on 05/04/2020 the 06/04/2020, where we will have a more precise answer from our superiors for the reopening of the school with regular classes.

We emphasize that with the anticipation of vacations we will not have any more interruptions in our academic year, and we make it clear that we depend on the higher bodies for any decision, so if we are in the same condition of isolation we will return with classes and activities Online with a grid of classes and activities to be followed daily. Finally, we understand all of this and manage each situation in a harmonious way so that we can return to our School and be able to continue the journey in the same friendly manner that we practice in our daily lives.

We emphasize the care in filtering the bombardment of information triggered at all times. It is necessary to have clarity and precision to overcome this moment together,

We count on everyone's understanding and remember that the Law does not allow vacations for longer periods or indefinite periods, and that this atypical procedure is being adopted so that students are not harmed, not only in content, but emotionally and socially, as they too they lost all or almost all contact with the relationship of life and routines.

In the certainty that EVERYTHING WILL GET WELL, we will go to great lengths to ensure that all our students have the necessary support back to school.

Even at a distance, we are available, and from June we will be doing rotations and routines with the Administrative and Pedagogical Team in the School Unit.

We are all missing the daily hugs and affection of everyone.

Best regards,
Luciene Picasso and Team Lupe Picasso


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