Dear families,

In view of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus and the uncertainties that permeate our routines, we, at Lupe Picasso, decided to implement some more tools, redoubled our collective efforts to ensure that, somehow, students continue to study and are not at risk with any loss or academic loss.

Today all the logins and accesses of the Portal that we use may have instability or be inactive for some time, as we are migrating from the Pitágoras domain to the Lupe Picasso domain.

You will receive a letter with your username and password by the end of the day.

We know that it has not been easy for anyone, we have changed our living and living standards, we are sure that everyone is committed to helping their children in the new routine, it is stressful to deal with the unknown, but believe me, much more than the risk of COVID-19 is we lose our children to idleness or some depression, because confinement can have several consequences.

This contact, even though far from face-to-face, shows that we are close and that we all remain linked to them, even in the midst of chaos. We are aware that nothing will be enough at the moment in relation to the studies, but it is what is being validated by the MEC and the Education Council, ensuring that the student is not further harmed.
We clarify that our School did not initially choose the vacation because we did not have any answer for the end of the ISOLATION, and we will strategically do it in due time when we have a more precise decision regarding our return. We remind you that Schools that have entered with the Holidays will return with virtual classes starting next week.

In our understanding, the children will be at home in the same condition that they started their vacation in a state of “isolation”, and now they will have to stay until the end of the year without any interruption. We thank everyone for their understanding and make our Team available through a telephone contact 13.97410.20.21.

Team Lupe Picasso


educação infantil

Nessa fase, incentivamos o gosto pelas descobertas para que a criança aprenda a conhecer, a fazer, a ser e a viver. Ela é estimulada a raciocinar, a construir relações e a socializar-se.


ensino fundamental

Estimulamos no aluno a prática da observação, a fim de que se tenha uma reflexão sobre a realidade numa visão social, histórica e cultural para construção de conhecimento...


ensino médio

Ambos os cursos técnicos de nível médio atendem as exigências legais de cada qualificação ou habilitação, promovendo a transição entre a escola e o mercado de trabalho.